About us

We are a passionate group of cachaça aficionados who spend half of our time in the Netherlands and the other half in Brazil. Gijs Lindeman (gijs@thecachacacompany.com) is the founder of The Cachaça Company; the idea came from him. As a Dutchman in Brazil, he soon came into contact with cachaça. Captured by the taste - and also with the vibrant Brazilian way of life - his entrepreneurial spirit led him to introduce cachaça to the Netherlands. Gijs drove throughout Brazil in order to discover the best artisanal cachaça producers. Having accomplished this, he then only had to set up his business in the Netherlands. Gijs's brother Matthijs Lindeman (matthijs@thecachacacompany.com) was the answer to this next stage in our journey. Without Matthijs´s knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, the Cachaça company would still be a figment of our imagination. Last but certainly not least, our gerente de eventos [Event Manager] Guido Mopman (guido@thecachacacompany.com). You can find him and his team on all our events behind the bar: shaking the most delicious cocktails.

You can always email us, as we love to share knowledge and ideas. Feel free to let us know what you think of our business. Targenta importação exportação Brasil