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Tough, sultry and artisanal

Our cachaça is Brazil 

The sultry summer feeling, the Brazilian open-minded way of life, but also the love for ancient traditions like the craft of cachaça. Secrets passed from generation to generation. Tough because of the authentic distilling processes, the strong taste and its heritage.

Cachaça has its roots in rum, but is purer since it is made of freshly pressed sugarcane juice and not the sugar cane syrup or molasses which is used for rum. Artisanal cachaça is even purer, because the processes are controlled manually and no chemicals or other additives are used.

The big secret in producing high quality cachaças lies in the distillation process and in separating the cabeça, coração e cauda (heads, hearts and tails). The best cachaças use only the purest part of the distillate: hearts. The liquor from the hearts is of the highest quality. And this is what we pride ourselves on - we use only hearts in our distillation process.

We have asked the best cachaça producers to share their secrets with us, so that we can bring a piece of Brazil to Europe. Do you hear the music? Close your eyes and enjoy the sunbeams dancing on your face .......