Buying cachaça

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Buying cachaça

Buying Cachaça was not easy in Europe until recently. The only cachaças you could buy were industrial, sharp cachaças. We searched all over Brazil for the very best cachaças

Buying Cachaça

But today, lovers of the best caipirinha or the finest artisan cachaça can rub their hands. We searched all over Brazil  for the very best cachaças. And we found them. Piece by piece gems from often smaller craft distilleries where work is still being done with respect for nature and with love for the product.

Matured on the most diverse types of wood from the rich Amazon forest, we have put together a nice assortment with a whole range of flavors. Weber Haus cachaça on amburanavaten, Vale Verde on oak or the best cachaça from Salinas on balsamic wood: you'll find it all at The Cachaça Company. And thanks to our well-organized webshop, buying cachaça for the best price has never been easier!

In addition, you will also find delicious rum such as Caroni from Trinidad or Hampden from Jamaica; or Clairin from Haiti. But also cachaça liqueurs, sugar cane juice and even Brazilian gin and coffee.

In short: buy cachaça? Buy Brazilian products? Only one address! The Cachaça Company.


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