First book about cachaça in Europe

First book about cachaça in Europe

Will cachaça be the new gin? Belgian spirits author writes first book on Brazilian cachaça in Dutch.


Sir, Madam,
Please find attached a press release by The Cachaça Company. We would be grateful if you could give it the necessary attention.    
Belgian spirits author writes first  book on Brazilian cachaça in Dutch.
Will cachaça be the new gin? If you ask Stijn Hiers (Rotselaar, Belgium) the answer will be 'yes'. As a whisky- and rum connoisseur he came into contact with this Brazilian top destillate many years ago, thanks to his Brazilian wife. Since 2014 he is probably the only cachaça ambassador in Western Europe. 
To give cachaça the attention it deserves he wrote the first book ever on cachaça in Dutch. A project that even got the attention of specialised bloggers in Brazil.
 'De Adem van de Tijger' (The Tiger's Breath) is not his first book on distilled beverages. Hiers is also editor for Whisky Passion and writer of the book 'Vrijheid en Whisky' (Freedom and whisky). 
In 'De Adem van de Tijger' Hiers tells the history of cachaça - entangled deep whitin the history of Brazil itself - explains the production process of cachaça, the different types of cachaça that exist, the influence of typical Brazilian wood on the maturation of the spirit, gives an insight in 20 of the best cachaça distilleries in Brazil, and so on.
The book (hardcover, full colour, ca 150 pages) is available as of today  through A French and English translation of the book are planned for the end of 2017
The author can be contacted at  (0032)(0)477 854 435


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