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Matured Cachaça, from Greenish Yellow to Pure Gold

Matured Cachaça, from Greenish Yellow to Pure Gold Why do we mature cachaça in wooden barrels? Because this changes the chemical composition of the cachaça, which enhances the taste and quality. The cachaça becomes softer and rounder, and take on the flavor of the wood. About 60% of the taste comes from the wood!

Fun fact: Pasteur (1822-1890) was the first to discover that wood could affect the taste of alcohol. In addition to milk, that old scientist also enjoyed a drink or two.

What is cachaça?

What is cachaça? Mainly drunk in Brasil (99% of production doesn’t leave the country). That’s why it probably will not instantly ring a bell. But when we say caipirinha, you’ll know. Yes, cachaça is the main ingredient of this highly pleasant cocktail.

Cachaça: artisanal versus industrial

Cachaça: artisanal versus industrial Ok, we now know that cachaça is not actually a rum – because another distillation process – and it is purer than rum, because it is made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice (rum is made from sugar cane syrup or molasses). But what’s so special about artisanal cachaça? At a glance: