Cachaça Taverna de Minas

Min: €0 Max: €25

The creators pride themselves on quality, and everything, from raw materials to the final product, is 100% sustainably produced. Moreover, they have the AMPAQ quality mark of an association in Brazil that monitors the quality of cachaça's. The family also organizes training for producing artisanal cachaça at their fazenda Taverna Ribeiro Real (Royal tavern) in Itaverava.

Cachaca Taverna De Minas - classic (39%)


This immature 12 month old cachaça gold award winner is matured in jequitibá wood. Very sweet: the cocktail maker par excellence!

Cachaca Taverna De Minas - matured (39%)


Winner at the Expo Cachaça 2014. A wonderful 2 year old cachaça. Dry with fruity aromas and a woody flavor. Drink it neat and at room temperature for a brief moment of happiness.