Cachaça Minas Brasil - Matured

This aged cachaça has a pungent flavor of oak, and its fermentation makes it particularly special. Delicious at room temperature with fruit salads.

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Cachaça Minas Brasil - Matured

Matured for three years in carvalho wood. That sounds more exciting than it is, as carvalho wood is better known as oak, but this ordinary wood enriches the typical pungent flavor with aromas of nuts in the background. The reason this cachaça is so special is that the fermentation takes place solely with corn, without any other addition. Delicious to drink at room temperature with fruit.

Alambique Minas Brasil

With this cachaça, the Porto family once again shows us their qualities. For centuries they have been producing different products - including cachaça's - in Cordislândia, in the south of Minas Gerais. For all their products they use their own sugarcane plantation - only the best is good enough.

Type of Cachaça: Matured
Type of Wood: Oak
Aging Period: 3 years
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Region: Cordislândia (Minas Gerais)
Distillery: Minas Brasil
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