Cachaca Sao Miguel - classic - matured 3 month - 42% - 700 ml

A silver award winner and the epitome of the traditional cachaça: the sugarcane stands out. Matured for only 3 months, but a real all-rounder. Drink at room temperature, on the rocks or in cocktails.

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Cachaca Sao Miguel - classic - matured 3 month - 42% - 700 ml

Three months old with a lot of bite. It exudes a strong sugar cane aroma with a slightly spicy nutty taste from the amendoim tree - the queen of the woods for maturing cachaça. The color is slightly more yellow because of the maturing process and the cachaça is somewhat sweeter. Today, this tree is considered rare and protected by law. Fortunately, the barrels last!

This cachaça is an all-rounder and makes for delicious cocktails, or on the rocks and at room temperature. It is no surprise that it was awarded silver at the Expocachaça in 2013, an annual event with more than 350,000 visitors.

Fazenda São Miguel is located on the coastal plains of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1858, seven generations have planted their own sugarcane to create the best cachaça. The entire production process is done in a sustainable manner: the side products are used as fertilizer in the sugarcane production. They love to share their knowledge and magnificent estate and everyone can visit the distillery in Quissamã (Rio de Janeiro).

Type of Cachaça: Classic
Type of Wood: Amendoim
Aging Period: 3 months
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 42%
Region: Quissamã (Rio de Janeiro)
Distillery: São Miguel
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