Cachaça São Miguel - Matured

Several times awarded with gold. The maturation in umburana wood causes it to be fine, elegant and powerful, with notes of cinnamon. Similar to cognac, best drunk neat after a meal.

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Cachaça São Miguel - Matured

Owing to its maturation in umburana wood for a year, this cachaça is fine and elegant, yet reserves a strong taste. It is round, soft and woody with a cinnamon aftertaste. Due to its full flavor it is best to drink it as a digestive after meals - neat and at room temperature. Cognac lovers will fully embrace this cachaça.

This cachaça has won about every single event where it has participated: gold at the Concurso Mundial de Bruxelas Brasil 2013 (considered as one of the leading competitions in the cachaça industry) and gold at the Expo Cachaça in 2013. A masterpiece in our collection. Everyone should try this cachaça at least once.

Alambique São Miguel

Fazenda São Miguel is located on the coastal plains of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1858, seven generations have planted their own sugarcane to create the best cachaça. The entire production process is done in a sustainable manner: the side products are used as fertilizer in the sugarcane production. They love to share their knowledge and magnificent estate and everyone can visit the brewery in Quissamã (Rio de Janeiro).

Type of Cachaça: Matured
Type of Wood: Umburana
Aging Period: 1 year
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 39%
Region: Quissamã (Rio de Janeiro)
Distillery: São Miguel
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