10 BOTTLES - Cachaca Sapucaia Florida Cristal - classic- matured 2 years - 40,50% - 700 ml

A sturdy all-rounder: use in cocktails, or drink it neat or on the rocks. Crystal clear and soft with a subtle peanut aftertaste.

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Cachaca Sapucaia Florida Cristal - classic- matured 2 years - 40,50% - 700 ml

A tough cachaça that faithfully preserves the typical sugarcane taste and is able to be velvety at the same time. It's a little cocky, because this cachaça is seen as a traditional one, due to no change in its colour. Yet it is matured for two years in amendoim wood. This ensures notes of peanut with a milder flavor, while the original properties of the cachaca remain well preserved. It exudes a surprising combination of elegance, softness and taste.

Perfect for cocktails, it can be drunk neat, and served at room temperature, this is an irresistible cachaca. It can also be drunk on the rocks. The choice is yours!

The people at the Sapucaia distillery sure know how to make a good cachaca. It all started with Cicero da Silva Prado, who founded the distillery in 1933 in Pindamonhangaba, in the interior of Sao Paulo state. Since then, the name Sapucaia is synonymous with quality, and continues to win prize after prize.


Type of Cachaça: Classic
Type of Wood: Amendoim
Aging Period: 2 years
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 40,50%
Region: Pindamonhangaba (São Paulo)
Distillery: Sapucaia
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