Cachaça Sapucaia Reserva da Família - Matured

Playboy praises Cachaça Sapucaia Reserva da Família as one of the best cachaça's. Sleek from 10 years of maturation, with a woody taste and hints of dried fruit.

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Cachaça Sapucaia Reserva da Familia – Matured

A wise, strong lady. After maturing for ten years in carvalho (oak) wood, the characteristic wood flavor is fully developed; soft with a predominance of dried fruit.

Cachaça Sapucaia Reserva da Familia should be drunk neat and at room temperature, like a fine cognac or aged whisky and is an excellent choice for the more experienced cachaça drinker.

This is the older sister of the Sapucaia Velha Tradicional. In 2007 Playboy magazine named her one of the 20 best Brazilian cachaça's, and in 2009 its younger sister, which is somewhat sharper, received this honorable distinction.

Alambique Sapucaia

This makes sense, because making cachaça's is what they do best at Sapucaia. In 1933 Cicero da Silva Prado founded the distillery in Pindamonhangaba, in the interior of São Paulo state. Since then, the name Sapucaia is synonymous with quality.

Type of Cachaça: Matured
Type of Wood: Oak
Aging Period: 10 years
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 40,50%
Region: Pindamonhangaba (São Paulo)
Distillery: Sapucaia
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