Cachaca Sapucaia Velha Tradicional - matured 5 years - 40,5%- 700 ml

One of Playboy's favorites, this is a tough lady. A round, full flavor as a result of the 5 year maturing process in oak. Best served neat and at room temperature.

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Cachaca Sapucaia Velha Tradicional - matured 5 years - 40,5%- 700 ml

A rough diamond with a soft inside. After maturing for five years in oak barrels, all woody aromas come to the full. It is a very special cachaça with a beautiful color, an intense flavor, and yet has a soft taste.

A cachaça for the real man, it should be drunk like whisky or brandy, neat and at room temperature. It’s not without reason that Playboy named it one of the 20 best cachaça's in 2009. She is the younger sister of Sapucaia Reserva de Familia. Unlike its sister, this cachaça’s maturing process in oak barrels doesn’t last 10 years, but 5, making it slightly rougher. Young and dissolute.

If there is one thing they do right at Sapucaia, it is making cachaça. In 1933 Cicero da Silva Prado founded the distillery in Pindamonhangaba, in the interior of São Paulo state. Since then, the name Sapucaia is synonymous with quality.

Type of Cachaça: Matured
Type of Wood: Oak
Aging Period: 5 years
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 40,50%
Region: Pindamonhangaba (São Paulo)
Distillery: Sapucaia
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