Cachaça Taverna De Minas - Classic

This immature 12 month old cachaça gold award winner is matured in jequitibá wood. Very sweet: the cocktail maker par excellence!

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Cachaça Taverna De Minas – Classic

One year old and stubborn. Crystal clear and sweet with a pleasant surprise in the aftertaste: a flowery taste. Very subtle. This is due to the jequitibá wood used in the maturing process. It is a classic cachaça, but due to the short maturation its temper is a bit restrained.

Perfect for making cocktails, but slightly different. For the open-minded fans who want to venture off the beaten cachaça path. It won a 2014 gold award at the Concours Mondial Bruxelas. [Incidentally, the mature version of this cachaça also won a prize, see Taverna de Minas – gerijpt.]

Alambique Taverna De Minas

The creators pride themselves on quality, and everything, from raw materials to the final product, is 100% sustainably produced. Moreover, they have the AMPAQ quality mark of an association in Brazil that monitors the quality of cachaça's. The family also organizes training for producing artisanal cachaça at their fazenda Taverna Ribeiro Real (Royal tavern) in Itaverava.

Type of Cachaça: Classic
Type of Wood: Jequitibá
Aging Period: 12 months
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 39%
Region: Itaverava (Minas Gerais)
Distillery: Taverna de Minas
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