Cachaca Taverna De Minas - matured 2 years - 39% - 700 ml

Winner at the Expo Cachaça 2014. A wonderful 2 year old cachaça. Dry with fruity aromas and a woody flavor. Drink it neat and at room temperature for a brief moment of happiness.

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Cachaca Taverna De Minas - matured 2 years - 39% - 700 ml

This cachaça is matured in (oak) wood for two years. It’s taste reflects plain wood but also a fruity and a dry finish. Drink it neat and at room temperature.

This cachaça won silver at the 2014 Cachaça Expo, the show for every cachaça producer in Brazil that takes himself seriously. Moreover, its younger sister - Taverna de Minas classic – also won a prize.

Yes, the Ribeiro family sure knows how to make a good cachaça. They pride themselves on quality, and everything from the raw materials to the final product is 100% sustainably produced. Moreover, they have the AMPAQ quality mark, the association in Brazil that monitors the quality of cachaça's. Fazenda Taverna Real (Royal tavern) in Itaverava also provides training for producing artisanal cachaça.

Type of Cachaça: Matured
Type of Wood: Oak
Aging Period: 2 years
Volume: 700 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 39%
Region: Itaverava (Minas Gerais)
Distillery: Taverna de Minas
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