Our Cachaças

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Pre-mix Caipirinha Lundu


This pre-mixed caipirinha is perfect for parties or if you are in rush. Pour, add ice, and ready! Bottled at 18%, it is very easy to drink.

Cachaça Minas Brasil - Matured


This aged cachaça has a pungent flavor of oak, and its fermentation makes it particularly special. Delicious at room temperature with fruit salads.

Book about cachaça


Will cachaça be the new gin? If you ask Stijn Hiers (Rotselaar, Belgium) the answer will be 'yes'.

Cachaça Morro Vermelho - Classic


This immature 12 months old cachaça is matured in Jequitibá wood. Its light freshness with a soft finish contains subtle notes of wood. Traditionally used in caipirinhas, also very tasty neat.

Liqueur (Cachaça) Weber Haus - Amburana


A sweet and fresh organic liqueur aged in amburana barrels that leaves hints of acacia honey. A jewel created by the famous alambique Weber Haus.

Cachaça Morro Vermelho – Matured


This gem is matured for two years in carvalho (oak) wood, which gives it its soft and woody flavor. Best drunk on the rocks at room temperature.

Cachaça Taverna De Minas - Classic


This immature 12 month old cachaça gold award winner is matured in jequitibá wood. Very sweet: the cocktail maker par excellence!

Cachaça Sapucaia Florida Cristal - Classic


A sturdy all-rounder: use in cocktails, or drink it neat or on the rocks. Crystal clear and soft with a subtle peanut aftertaste. Cocky because it doesn’t change colors.

Cachaça Taverna De Minas - Matured


Winner at the Expo Cachaça 2014. A wonderful 2 year old cachaça. Dry with fruity aromas and a woody flavor. Drink it neat and at room temperature for a brief moment of happiness.

Cachaça São Miguel - Classic


A silver award winner and the epitome of the traditional cachaça: the sugarcane stands out. Matured for only 3 months, but a real all-rounder. Drink at room temperature, on the rocks or in cocktails.

Cachaça São Miguel - Matured


Several times awarded with gold. The maturation in umburana wood causes it to be fine, elegant and powerful, with notes of cinnamon. Similar to cognac, best drunk neat after a meal.

Cachaça Magnifica de Faria - Tradicional


In the mountains surrounding Rio de Janeiro at an altitude around 800 meters we find the Magnifica de Faria distillery, active since 1985.

Cachaça Sapucaia Velha Tradicional - Matured


One of Playboy's favorites, this is a tough lady. A round, full flavor from the 5 year maturing process in oak. Best served neat and at room temperature.

Cachaça Weber Haus Amburana - Matured


Cachaça Weber Haus has become one of the most, if not the most, awarded cachaça producers of Brazil with more than 30 medals.

Cachaça Magnifica de Fária - Matured


A very aromatic cachaça with a firm nose of sweet banana. Also subtle sweetness in the taste and rather fruity with a nice wood influence.

Cachaça Sapucaia Real 18 Anos - Matured


A cachaça that lives up to her royal name in every aspect. The delicate sweetness and rich notes of wood makes this jewel a real treat.