Liqueur (cachaca) Weber Haus - Amburana - 30% - 500 ml

A sweet and fresh organic liqueur aged in amburana barrels that leaves hints of acacia honey. A jewel created by the famous alambique Weber Haus.

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Liqueur (cachaca) Weber Haus - Amburana - 30% - 500 ml

With this organic liqueur based on cachaca, Weber Haus has shown its best side again. The palate of this liqueur is sweet but soft and fresh. The sweet tooth under us will love this jewel. Slightly spicy on the nose, with hints of maraschino cherries, moss and the best acacia honey. Deliciously sweet and creamy. In the long aftertaste a little spicy because of the aging in amburana barrels. Serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled with an ice cube.

In the Serra Gaúcha, the land of the Brazilian cowboys in Rio Grande do Sul, you find the Weber Haus alambique located near the town of Ivoti. In 1848 they started with the production of cachaca, although initially only for their own consumption. Meanwhile, cachaca Weber Haus has become one of the most, if not the most, awarded cachaca producers of Brazil. They gained more than 30 medals at (international) competitions such as the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles or the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Despite the huge success of the brand both in Brazil and outside, Weber Haus remains until this day a family business.

Cachaca Weber Haus - Amburana

Volume: 500 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 30%
Distillery: Weber Haus