Cachaça aged in cherry (umburana / cerejeira)

Min: €0 Max: €40

Cherry has a strong influence on cachaça: it gives an intense color and a clear characteristic taste. It gives the cachaça a slightly sweet taste with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. In addition it reduces the acidity and it keeps the alcohol percentage under control, so that what is left is a round mild cachaça.

Cherry wood is often used in so-called blends. A cachaça aged in cherry wood aged which is then further aged in an oak barrel.

Cachaça São Miguel - Matured


Several times awarded with gold. The maturation in umburana wood causes it to be fine, elegant and powerful, with notes of cinnamon. Similar to cognac, best drunk neat after a meal.

Cachaça Weber Haus Amburana - Matured


Cachaça Weber Haus has become one of the most, if not the most, awarded cachaça producers of Brazil with more than 30 medals.