Cachaça aged in jequitibá / jequitibá-rosa

Min: €0 Max: €25

Great as storage barrils, it reduces the acidity so that the stored cachaça gets milder and rounder. Gives little to no taste, aroma or color.

In contrast, the pink Jequitiba gives a golden color, delicate flavors and a complex bouquet, similar to oak.

Cachaça Morro Vermelho - Classic


This immature 12 months old cachaça is matured in Jequitibá wood. Its light freshness with a soft finish contains subtle notes of wood. Traditionally used in caipirinhas, also very tasty neat.

Cachaça Taverna De Minas - Classic


This immature 12 month old cachaça gold award winner is matured in jequitibá wood. Very sweet: the cocktail maker par excellence!