Cachaça aged in oak (carvalho)

Min: €0 Max: €200

Oak is the only non-native timber species used for aging cachaça. It does not grow in Brazil, but in the Northern hemisphere. The most common types of oak are the European and North American. Nevertheless, oak barrels are widely used to age cachaça. Import of new barrels, but also the reuse of old wine, whiskey or cognac barrels.

American oak gives the cachaça a golden color and a mild taste with a complex flavor profile, with characteristic aromas of vanilla and coconut.

European oak brings an amber color, intense flavors with hints of almond, toasted bread and tannins.

Cachaca Morro Vermelho -matured (42%)


This gem is matured for two years in oak, which is what gives it its soft and woody flavor. Best drunk on the rocks at room temperature.

Cachaca Taverna De Minas - matured (39%)


Winner at the Expo Cachaça 2014. A wonderful 2 year old cachaça. Dry with fruity aromas and a woody flavor. Drink it neat and at room temperature for a brief moment of happiness.

Cachaca Sapucaia Velha Tradicional - matured (40,50%)


One of Playboy's favorites, this is a tough lady. A round, full flavor as a result of the 5 year maturing process in oak. Best served neat and at room temperature.

Cachaca Vale Verde Extra Premium - Matured (40%)


This 3 year old matured cachaça is a golden one, and was voted one of the best cachaça of Brazil. A sweet aroma of vanilla with hints of lightly toasted bread. Delicious on the rocks or at room temperature with some spicier dishes. Fantastic with cheese.

Cachaca Sapucaia Reserva da Familia - Matured (40,50%)


Playboy praises this as one of the best cachaça's. Sleek from 10 years of maturation, with a woody taste and hints of dried fruit. Best served neat at room temperature.

Cachaca Sapucaia Real 18 Anos - matured (40,50%)


A cachaça that lives up to her royal name in every aspect. The delicate sweetness and rich notes of wood makes this jewel a real treat.

Cachaca Vale Verde 12 Anos - Matured (40%)


Proclaimed as the best artisanal cachaça of Brazil. 12 years matured. Has the golden strength of oak with light buttery and vanilla elements. Fantastic to drink neat and in combination with spicy and venison dishes.