Cachaça aged in peanut (amendoim)

Min: €0 Max: €30

Perfect wood type for the storage of classical cachaça: the subtle odor hardly changes the flavor profile, the color and the flavors. It stabilizes the cachaça, increases the quality and flavors of sugar cane and white flowers remain intact.

Peanut preserved [classical] cachaça´s are ideally suited for cocktails - such as caipirinha.

Cachaça Sapucaia Florida Cristal - Classic


A sturdy all-rounder: use in cocktails, or drink it neat or on the rocks. Crystal clear and soft with a subtle peanut aftertaste. Cocky because it doesn’t change colors.

Cachaça São Miguel - Classic


A silver award winner and the epitome of the traditional cachaça: the sugarcane stands out. Matured for only 3 months, but a real all-rounder. Drink at room temperature, on the rocks or in cocktails.