Classic cachaças

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The classic cachaça is the caipirinha rum

It is easily recognized by its white colour - classic cachaça is crystal clear - and little or no maturation takes place in this process. The cane juice is distilled and bottled not long after fermentation, making the sugarcane flavour very intense with a sharp taste, hence the reason it is commonly used in cocktails. Brazilians drink classic cachaça's neat, but the strong and sharp sugarcane taste will take time for the novice to become accustomed to. 

Here can can find more detailed information about cachaça.

Cachaça Morro Vermelho - Classic


This immature 12 months old cachaça is matured in Jequitibá wood. Its light freshness with a soft finish contains subtle notes of wood. Traditionally used in caipirinhas, also very tasty neat.

Cachaça Taverna De Minas - Classic


This immature 12 month old cachaça gold award winner is matured in jequitibá wood. Very sweet: the cocktail maker par excellence!

Cachaça Sapucaia Florida Cristal - Classic


A sturdy all-rounder: use in cocktails, or drink it neat or on the rocks. Crystal clear and soft with a subtle peanut aftertaste. Cocky because it doesn’t change colors.

Cachaça São Miguel - Classic


A silver award winner and the epitome of the traditional cachaça: the sugarcane stands out. Matured for only 3 months, but a real all-rounder. Drink at room temperature, on the rocks or in cocktails.

Cachaça Magnifica de Faria - Tradicional


In the mountains surrounding Rio de Janeiro at an altitude around 800 meters we find the Magnifica de Faria distillery, active since 1985.